Jeff Jay and Donna have produced and performed over 250 comedy hypnosis shows featuring thousands of volunteers as the "stars of the show"! Their 65, 75 and 90-minute shows are filled with music, props, and lots of good clean fun.

Your guests will sing like Elvis Presley, moonwalk like Michael Jackson, imitate the Village People, and even become 4-year-old children again If requested, we can also incorporate your message or slogan into the show

Jeff is a certified hypnotist who carries $1 million liability insurance.

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Mind Power

Magic & Mentalism

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Jeff Jay & Donna's "Mind Power" Show blends magic and mind-reading to make for an unforgettable entertainment experience! The first act consists of awesome magic with cards, coins, candy, jokes and more. You won't believe your eyes as miracles happen right in front of you.

The second act features comedy, ESP, mind-reading and more. You will witness feats of mentalism that will leave you believing in the awesome potential of the human mind.

This show is suitable for all ages, but is recommended for ages 13 & older.

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